The nutrition program. Especially for women.

Let’s change your everyday life together!

Weight loss especially for women. Your desired feel-good weight permanently – without a diet!

I offer you personal, individual purchase and product advice which you can easily integrate into your everyday life. The aim is to stay slim forever - without any diet. If you want to lose weight – come to me!

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I am looking forward to meeting you, Your Henning Heise

Pave the way.

For long-term success, 2 points must harmonize with each other: Product knowledge & fiber supplement.

Product knowledge and how to use it are conveyed in a purchasing & product consultation which can be combined with a cooking course.

To supplement and upgrade your dietary fiber budget, I recommend my self-developed product „BALINKO“.


BALINKO is a dietary food, on a purely vegetable basis. It has a health-promoting and weight-reducing effect.

Balinko represents:

  • . longer saturation
  • . Intestinal health
  • . Reduction of metabolic diseases
  • . Weight loss
  • . Lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • . Detoxification
  • . stimulates digestion

Simply change everyday life.

One tablespoon 3 times a day – mixed with water, juice, coffee or in a smoothie. But yogurt, spreads, dressings, soups or your favorite muesli can also be supplemented with it.

Since it is tasteless, it can also be served over any other dish like an „invisible“ spice.

Healty cooking course - with BALINKO

Find out how you can easily integrate BALINKO into your everyday life.

Price: 30.- € per Person | Dates on request