From Guests and „inns“"



Sketch from Staad, Allmannsdorf and Mainau from 1840.

At the end of the 19th century, when Goethe was travelling with the boat here on one of his trips and stopping at the inn, there was also a protocoled meeting on the occasion of the new building of the church in Allmannsdorf.

The invoice submitted by the landlord Joseph Weber the elderly to the Rentamt Mainau was promptly paid there:

From the gentlemen Ammann,
Pfleger, Schulmeister and
Baumeister for breakfast and lunch
16 fl. 55 Kr.
von 3 Coachmen for lunch 1 fl 24 Kr.
20 Maaß Wine for 14 Kreuzer 4 fl. 40 Kr.
26 Maaß Wine for 12 Kreuzer 5 fl. 12 Kr.
Bread 2 fl. 48 Kr.
Hay and oats for the horses 3 fl. 30 Kr.
Heating fort he rooms - fl. 40 Kr.
Service 5 fl. 30 Kr.
Sum: 40 fl. 39 Kr.

As you can see, the Kommende Mainau did not let itself be left behind in its official acts.

At the same time, the fishermen and ferrymen repeatedly complained to the Kommende that the fishing regulations of 1599 for Staad and Meersburg still forbade them to "drink in the taverns on the beach"....